Terms & conditions

While we will be doing everything in our power to make your daily commute a breeze, there are a few terms and conditions attached to our service:

The Lifestyle Shuttle, its owners, employees and agents will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or harm incurred, howsoever caused, while travelling in the vehicle, or while entering or exiting the vehicle.

The Lifestyle Shuttle will run at the agreed times, Monday to Friday, every week of the year, but excluding public holidays.

The pickup times will be determined by you, the passengers. We will obviously try and accommodate everyone as close to their desired pickup time as possible, but please understand that there may need to be a little flexibility.

The pickup and drop-off points will also be determined by you, the passengers. Again, we will try and accommodate everyone as much as possible, but it may not be possible to pick up and drop off at each individual passenger’s door. Initially, we will aim to have a handful of pickup and drop-off points (to minimize the amount of time spent in Tableview/Blouberg and the CBD) – so convince your neighbours/work colleagues to join you on the Shuttle, and make sure that there’s a point near you!

Once the pickup points and times have been set, we will need to stick to them quite strictly. We will be able to wait a maximum of 5 minutes past the agreed time, and will then have to leave, with or without you. This is to ensure that everyone else on the Shuttle is not held back/kept waiting. The driver will always have a cellphone on him, and will thus be contactable if you need to make other arrangements. If you have missed your pickup, and we can still ‘get you’ without having to make a detour, we will try our best – we cannot make any promises in this regard, though. So make sure you make a good impression on your fellow passengers!

If, for whatever reason, you are not going to be using the service on a given day, please try and notify us (with a brief call/SMS, etc). This will ensure that we do not wait for you unnecessarily. If you can’t get hold of us (we all know how crazy some days can get), don’t worry yourself too much, though, as we will simply wait the prescribed amount of time, and then leave.

Coffee- and tea-making facilities will be provided in the vehicle, and are included in the price. We will survey our passengers as to their preferences, and will do our best to accommodate as many tastes as possible. If you would prefer to bring your own particular brand of coffee/tea, please feel free.

If you would also like other refreshments to be provided (some passengers may look forward to an ice-cold beer at the end of the day, for example), please let us know, and we will come to some sort of arrangement, at a nominal extra cost, to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled.

Payment for the month is due in advance, before the 1st day of the month. We reserve the right to restrict use of the service if funds are not present, or have not cleared, in our account. If you are having cash-flow issues, but are desperate to continue using the service (which we’re sure you will be), please talk to us, and we will try and work something out.

While we will obviously strive to keep our vehicle in tip-top condition, we cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any unplanned breakdowns, accidents, vehicle failures, etc. We will, however, have contingency plans in place (such as backup/replacement vehicles) to minimize the effect on you, the passengers.

We can also not be held responsible for any traffic delays beyond our control, whether caused by other accidents, weather, load-shedding, or any other factor. Just remember, you would have been stuck in the same traffic jam anyway – you just wouldn’t have been as comfortable!