The service will be charged on a monthly basis, at a set rate of R1200 per month. In certain circumstances (eg. where one would like to try out the service), we may be prepared to work on a week-to-week basis, at a rate of R400 per week.

Now, this may seem like a lot of money, but just look at what you’re saving:

Petrol R732/month *
Parking R250-600/month
Wear & tear R163/month **
Coffee/tea R154/month ***
Newspapers/magazines R120/month
Arriving relaxed Priceless
Time to yourself Priceless
  R1419 - R1769/month

So, not only are you improving your lifestyle, but you’re actually SAVING money while doing it! What are you waiting for?  Contact us today!

* Based on a return trip from Bayside Centre to the centre of the CBD (37km). 37km x average 22 days working days a month = 814km. At a conservative 10l/100km, this works out to a monthly usage of 81.4l. Again, conservatively, at R9/litre, 81.4l = R732.
** Doing 814km per month, one would do 9 768km in your own vehicle over a year. Assuming a service cost of R2 000 every 10 000km, this works out to R163/month.
*** Based on R7 a day, at an average 22 working days per month.

Our Price Promise

Nobody likes a price shock. That’s why, whatever happens to the petrol price, we promise to keep our rates unchanged for the rest of 2008. Guaranteed.