Return Dinner Transfer

Package includes direct transfers to and from restaurant/venue, as well as 3 hours standby time. Special reduced rates apply from Sunday-Thursday.

Standard Special
6-seater Mercedes limousine R1500 R1200
8-seater Mercedes limousine R1800 R1500
13-seater luxury Quantum van R 900 R 750
4-seater Audi stationwagon R 600 R 500

Matric Dances

We currently have 3 packages available for Matric dances:

Package 1 (2-hour) includes a pickup at home, scenic drive, and drop-off at venue.

Package 2 (6-hour) as above, plus pickup after dance, and transfer home/to after-party.

Package 3 (10-hour) as above, plus vehicle stays with students until 3:30am for purposes of club-hopping, visiting friends, etc.

Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
6-seater Mercedes limousine R1300 R2300 R3500
8-seater Mercedes limousine R1500 R2500 R3900
13-seater luxury Quantum van R 900 R1500 R2700
4-seater Audi stationwagon R 600 R1000 R1900